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Real Women Share Their Experiences

"I recently had a cryoablation treatment for a breast tumor. What a breeze when compared to the lumpectomy and radiation process that I had a decade ago. The procedure was about an hour in length with the only discomfort being the needle to numb the breast. I left the hospital with only a bandage and immediately got in my car and drove six hours towards home. Pain control was only a couple of Tylenol a day over the next couple of days. What a great alternative to mastectomy which is permanent and comes with its own risks and long recovery. I hope that cryoablation will eventually become the first choice in the standard of care in breast cancer centers."

-Elaine, Ontario

"When I read the results of numerous clinical studies showing that cryoablation destroyed breast tumors, there was no question in my mind that I must be treated with cryoablation. The procedure was under 30-minutes and I had little discomfort. My breast cancer was successfully destroyed with no recurrence during my follow ups. My mission has become to tell as many women as possible about this. I do not want other women to have unnecessary surgery, radiation, chemo, or drugs if they are a candidate for cryoablation."

-Helen CA

“I think cryoablation is absolutely amazing. I tell all my friends and every woman in my family about it. I tell them. 'You have another option than surgery. You're in control.'”

-Mari, FL

“I would say it was a painless procedure. Just a little sting with the numbing needle but have not had any pain since the procedure. I would recommend this procedure highly as the alternative to surgically removing tumors.”

-Betty, TX

“Recovery was very short! I am unable to take much time off, so this worked out perfectly since I was able to return to work the next day. During the treatment I felt nothing. My experience was very positive.”

-Mary, MI

“My cryoablation treatment in my doctor’s office was vastly different from my past surgical experiences… There was really no pain, just a prick here and there as she numbed my breast. After my treatment was over, I got dressed and went to lunch and then back home for a nap. That was my recovery: taking a Tylenol®, taking a nap, waking up and going about the rest of my day. I couldn't believe it later when I took off the bandage and there was just a little piece of tape marking the incision site. I could hardly see it. Now it looks like a freckle.”

-Deborah, CA

“Quicker and safer than surgery. Cost is also important. It doesn't hurt and you will have minimal scarring!”

-Tricia, MI

“I don’t have to wait anxiously anymore, dreading more trips to the operating room. Now [my doctor] can treat any new fibroadenomas I develop as soon as they are detected, right in her office. I’m older now and taking time off work for surgery and procedures is difficult. My cryoablation treatment allowed me to avoid both inconveniences.”

-Vicki, CA

“It is past time for cryoablation of benign tumors to be widely available to women who want it – and need it. I could not understand why any breast care center in this day and age would not offer cryoablation as an alternative. I was living proof as to the effectiveness of the treatment.”

-Jamie, PA