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Patient Experience

Early detection is critical to the treatment of any tumor - cancerous or non-cancerous. In the event of finding a lump in your breast, it is important to consult your physician and discuss your diagnosis and treatment options. Many patients choose to treat non-cancerous tumors because of pain, anxiety about cancer, ongoing growth, or cosmetic reasons. Many doctors agree that fibroadenomas should be treated. Left alone, fibroadenomas may obscure future imaging of the breast, resulting in abnormal mammograms. They may also interfere with breast self-examination. The choice is up to you and your doctor. 

The Visica® Procedure

The Visica Procedure is a minimally invasive cryoablation procedure for the treatment of breast disease.  The Visica® 2 Treatment System is an image-guided device that freezes the tumor, thereby destroying it and preventing regrowth. This breast-conserving technique offers patients a non-surgical alternative to lumpectomy and is available at participating breast centers nationwide. 

Watch the procedure video here.

After the Procedure

You may notice swelling as well as a palpable lump that is larger than the original tumor caused by inflammation from the freezing process. This is normal and may take several months to soften.

The time may vary depending on the individual, original tumor size, as well as other physiological factors. Over time, the tumor will reduce in size and your body will replace the ablated tissue with healthy tissue. 

Following your procedure with the Visica® 2 Treatment System, it is extremely important to inform your healthcare team that you have undergone a cryoablation procedure to avoid any issues with future mammography or breast imaging.


Patient Brochure

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