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The Sanarus cryotherapy procedure is an in-office treatment for breast lesions that provides both an excellent patient experience and a positive impact on practice economics.

Cryoablation causes tissue necrosis by freezing the targeted tissue and damaging the microvasculature structure that feeds the cells. After they are destroyed, the abnormal cells are absorbed by the body, within approximately 3-18 months, depending on the size of the lesion.

CPT code 19105 is the reimbursement code for cryoablation of fibroadenomas. If supported by carriers in your area, this code offers enhanced revenue opportunities with minimized treatment time.

Cryoablation with the Visica 2 Treatment System is a safe and effective alternative for patients who:

  • Desire a minimally invasive and permanent solution for treatment of their breast tumor.
  • Are concerned with the cosmetic results of traditional surgery.
  • Meets the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBS) clinical criteria for cryoablation:
    • The lesion must be sonographically visible.
    • The diagnosis of breast tumor must be confirmed histologically (with a biopsy).
    • Lesions should be less than 4 cm in diameter.

If you are interested in treating breast cancer, Sanarus is currently sponsoring a clinical trial using cryoablation to treat early stage breast cancer. Visit our Clinical Trials tab or the FROST Clinical Study on clinicaltrials.gov link for more information about involvement and participation.